MEXICO: A MIDDLE CLASS SOCIETY. Poor No More, Developed Not Yet.


Mexico is becoming a middle class society. Even though there is no consensus on what exactly constitutes the middle class, there is no doubt that a significant portion of the Mexican population behaves and perceives itself as one. There are various indicators that serve as evidence of this transformation: city traffic, types of employment, home sales, the proportion of women in the workforce, the purchase of insurance, movie theaters, and tourism, among others.

This book gathers data and statistics that show how Mexican society has changed in fundamental ways, acquiring a strong sense of property and ownership, as well as the conviction that society has the right to preserve what it has earned with much effort. The implications of this change are immeasurable, and among its consequences is the appearance of a society that values stability and demands more accountability from its authorities.

The rise of the Mexican middle class is the most relevant development of the last decade in the country. Therefore, the consolidation of this sector is perhaps the most important issue on the agenda for the future.

Luis Rubio Luis de la Calle

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